Clout Cloud Releases First Series “Good Morning”

Clout Cloud, a lifestyle brand established in 2020, is based on sustainable values and adopts the design concept of “simplicity is not simple, casual and not random, large is not large, basically not basic”, the first series “Good Morning” Bring a range of bag products. Inspired by the early morning quilt, the bags of this series are all made of cotton pad quilting to moderately restore the texture and shape of the quilt.

The cotton-filled embroidery logo is like a pillow on the bed, and the folded corner of the front panel is like the state of the quilt opened when you get up. …These relaxed and comfortable elements are restored to the bag, bringing three sizes of large, small and wide Tote Bags, backpacks, large and small Hobo Bags and small satchels in gray, black and olive. Yellow, purple, white and khaki options, interested readers may wish to pay attention.

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