“ONE PIECE FILM RED” single-day box office exceeds one billion yen

“ONE PIECE”‘s latest theatrical animation “ONE PIECE FILM RED” received good news from its premiere in Japan, breaking the first-day box office record of “ONE PIECE” theatrical version with 1 billion yen. Coincidentally, the original comic also broke the Guinness World Record with sales of over 500 million copies.

“ONE PIECE FILM RED” starts with the grand concert of the mysterious singer Uta, with a beautiful voice that is appreciated as a different dimension, and will attract pirates and navies from all over the world to attend at the same time; in addition, this is also Luffy Jifengmill Village After 12 years, I met Shanks again, which is undoubtedly the biggest attraction for fans of “ONE PIECE”.

According to the box office after its premiere in Japan on August 6, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” has reached 1.006 billion yen, ranking third in anime adaptations over the years, second only to “Demon Slayer: Infinite Train” (12). 100 million yen) and “Theatrical Spell Fighting 0” (1.007 billion yen).

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